About us

¿Cómo nace AleskaData?

Our History

ALESKAData has its origins in the 90s, when the industry worked to improve the operational reliability of its static equipment and to increase their plants availability.

It all began with the development of the first inspection and data management system (IDMS) of its kind, called GMPx (Predictive Maintenance Management), it was developed with languages ​​that operated with unstructured databases, managing to develop low-impact logic based on the objective and some forms of registration, GMPx was based on the management of tables with colorimetric settings of numerical data and filters; which today, it is possible to do easily in Excel spreadsheets.

The R+D+i department was formed to scale capacities, incorporating new development technologies and professional programmers, changing from unstructured databases to SQL (structured database language). Therefore, GMPx was renamed GMPx-Pro and was included in the “Data Management Tools” (DMT) suite of applications.

The first viewer called SpiderMax was created, it was capable of transforming numerical data into colorimetric expressions, being able to appreciate thousands of data on a single screen with physical-digital location and filter options in a 3D model. During the following years, tablets were incorporated to record the data and send it over Wi-Fi networks, set up event by event, based on technological advances in hardware and telecommunications.

All the R+D+i efforts were directed towards the development of a powerful and technological IDMS than GMPx Pro. In parallel, Geyser and other tools began to be developed (the first to connect via Cloud).

The technology market came with exponential growth, strongly promoting the cloud and integrating mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and mobile applications for Android and IOS systems. The new languages ​​and frameworks for programming algorithms, the emergence of new talented professionals, the development of sophisticated hardware that offered ease of use, the development of telecommunications and bandwidth, digital photography, push messaging, among many others developments; allowed us to take a new step and create ALESKAData, as one more derivative of the work of decades. ALESKAData delivers a modern, state-of-the-art solution to add value to the fields of maintenance and its different specialties corresponding to industrial plants and facilities.

Value proposal


Planning Support to Update “S” Curve – Transfer of Tasks Between Specialties – Tracking Waiting Time & Delay.


Operational Realibility Improvement and Increased Uptime.


Full Real Time Communication & Colaboration – 3D Vizualization.

What are we looking for?

ALESKAData pursues the objective of optimizing our clients plant shutdowns so that they save time and global costs by improving their preventive, predictive, corrective and reactive plans.

We help them by transforming any kind of data into a colorimetric expression so they can analyze and filter thousands of data on a single screen (3D, tables or dashboard). This will allow them to make quick, accurate and timely decisions during their plant shutdown.