All in One Digital Platform

All in One Digital Platform

Transform data into valuable information

Whats ALESKAData?

ALESKAData is a digital platform “Software as a Service” (SaaS) based on different modules aimed at managing random data accurately, quickly and timely, transforming it into valuable information.

The data is produced from any area or specialty contemplated in asset maintenance.

ALESKAData can be deployed during a plant shutdown or in operating plants, associated with any type of industrial installation

Starting from a contract, multiple nodes (plants) can be associated, and in turn, each node associate with multiple “Service Provider” companies with their respective users; forming a solid structure of communication and collaboration at plant and/or corporate levels.

The platform integrates several applications that can work individually or together, generating powerful interoperability that contributes synergistically to teamwork, with high communication, collaboration, and visualization capabilities.

All ALESKAData applications send data for real-time view and, at the same time, achieve instant analysis and predictions for timely decision-making.

Our clients have exclusive access to different modules and views, which allow them to access the data and information require to plan or manage their plant shutdown.

ALESKAData allows configuring different types of user profiles and permissions, which together cover all the needs or combinations that an organization requires, to articulate a network that can communicate effectively in pursuit of the success of a plant shutdown.

From any point configured in a 3D model, it is possible to create a contextual menu to link files related to the configured point or others, to quickly and directly access the information required.

Resources widely developed in platform applications, to display information that helps users interact in the simplest and most effective way, accompanying navigation based on the type of content.

ALESKAData has a 3D file that runs very lightly on its SpiderMAx 2.0 viewer operated from a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone; from source files of any type that are transformed into the proprietary file of SpiderMAx 2.0.

It is a tool denomination from SpiderMAx 2.0, used to pin up any coordinate in a 3D model and then use it to link information from a point, plane, or volume that needs to be kept under control.

Painting areas or using random marks, either to show changes in elements, show states of progress or results, represents a set of advanced actions that can be performed with SpiderMAx 2.0 on a 3D model, which offer strong value to operational management.

In ALESKAData, colorimetric filters can be performed online, accompanied by powerful color filters on tables or directly on a 3D model, to categorize information and make it easy to work thousands of data.

Tracking and control the architecture of ALESKAData is designed to work on multiple maintenance areas at the same time, using the same data differently, to generate different kind of information that support tracking and control of progress and compliance with SLAs, based on a notification from the source.

Save time and costs

Data control in real time

Data control in real time

Predictive, preventive, corrective and reactive maintenance data.

Improving predictive and preventive plans based on the data captured in ALESKAData allows for better focus and precision in planning and scheduling required for a plant shutdown. Coupled with the configuration options of a role-based network that feed databases in real-time, this produces significant benefits in decision-making with greater accuracy, speed, and timely action during the execution stage, resulting in savings in time and overall costs.

Users can easily and highly effectively monitor the mechanical integrity status of their assets and take corrective or preventive action before failures interrupt the production process.

Improving the operational reliability of assets determines the business outcome; ALESKAData allows optimization of predictive plans, precise preventive maintenance, reduce corrective maintenance, and eliminate failures that cause reactive maintenance actions.
ALESKAData’s development allows simulating remaining life on-line scenarios with dynamic settings that can cover thousands of data points and present results in tables or 3D models, with a range of filters that enhance the user experience.
ALESKAData has a data auditing system that allows on-line monitoring of a plant shutdown, detecting intrinsic or extrinsic factors that may compromise data integrity and promptly correcting any deviations.

ALESKAData delivers processed data and information ready for management by different levels of an organization, eliminating a great deal of time and stress involved in analogous or digital processes carried out in Excel.

Dedicated and interoperable modules

Get to know our cloud Apps

Improves coordination during a plant shutdown by monitoring and controlling scheduled activities and tasks.

This viewer can generate colorimetric expressions from any kind of information and puts thousands of data at your fingertips on a single screen.

Allows you to control the structural health of fixed assets and develop inspection and control plans.

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Play this video to watch AleskaData in action and some of the features you can find on the system.

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